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Always be Xtrodinary

I am Essence the owner/photographer at Essence Latifah Photography. I am absolutely crazy about photography! Fashion Photography is the reason I became interested in photography. I have a degree in Fashion Design. However, i could never find someone to bring the vision from my head into reality, so I decided to take a photography class. Which lead to me minoring in photography. 


Based in Albany NY, servicing New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Vermont. My fashion editorials have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications including, elements Magazine, Evon Magazine, Shuba Magazine and many more. I am known for my use of colors and her unique beauty editorials. 




I want to work with

Essence Latifah Fashion

So you want to work with me? That is FANTASTIC!!!! I want to work with you too. I love working with all different types of models, from the brand new to the experienced. From size 2 to the Amazing size 22. 

We have 3 options to work with me to capture some amazing photos to start or update your portfolio. Just want to experience a professional fashion shoot for FUN, don't worry I got you. Check out the options below. 

Themed Shoots

My Themed shoots are perfect for new models that need to start or update their portfolio, girls night, or just for fun

The themed shoots range from $150 to $275 and depending on the shoot includes Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe. Each participant will get 3 edited photos. 

Some previous themes include:

Eyes, Lips, Face

Feeling Blue

Pop Of Color, etc

Some upcoming Themes will be:

Pretty in Pink

Flower Power

Simple Beauty

Queen of Darkness, etc


To get updates and email notifications of upcoming shoots make sure to join our VIP list

Personal Fashion Sessions

If you do not want a themed shoot but still want a Fashion or Beauty session you can book a session with me based on the packages below. 

Payment plans are available for all the packages. 

Test Shoot

Whenever I learn a new technique or get new equipment I need to test it out. In order to do that I need models.


For the test shoot each participant needs to come with their hair and makeup ready.


There is no guarantee that the photos will pass the quality control checklist, meaning you may not get photos from the shoot. 

However, if you are new and not sure if you want to model you can be apart of these session at no charge


Destination Photoshoots

I love planning all the details that go into a Fashion Shoot. I am always traveling and networking with other people. The destination shoots will take place in different cities around the country.  

I plan multiple successful shoots a year and absolutely love it. I have a network of photographers, MUA, hair stylist, and designers. I also know how the industry works and how to approach people to get them interested.

The best part of the experience is that all you have to do is show up, there is no planning on your part. Forget about the stress, the logistics, the planning and leave it up to me.

The Destination shoots start at $450. 

Invitation Only sessions

Like the session suggest, you can only be invited to participate in these shoots. We will be working with a higher caliber of talent for our invitation only shoots. The invite only sessions will be submitted to magazines for publications. 

Each invitee will have to pay $50, which will be refunded back to you after the shoot, to hold your spot. If you do not show up your $50 Is non-refundable. 


1. I have worked with you before and you seriously impressed me or I really want to work with you

2. Your portfolio and professionalism 

3. You support and engage my various social media platforms, FaceBook, IG, Snapchat, Google, etc 

4. You have left an honest review, whether it is favorable or not, on Facebook and Google

Upcoming Sessions

Xtrodinary Fashion Session

Melinan Magic

Lost in Thought

Guilty Pleasures


Coco Chanel

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